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Flanders Wood Floors 973-252-9051

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"No matter what your lifestyle, wood floors add value and comfort to any home.
Flanders Wood Floors gives you European craftsmanship at an affordable price."

Top 10 Reason to Pick Flanders Wood Floors

We have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons to select Flanders Wood Floors as your Hardwood Floor and Tile installation specialist as well as your sanding and refinishing expert.

  1. Over 15 years experience, including five years of installation and refinishing in Germany and over ten years in the United States.
  2. Registered member of National Wood Flooring Association. All work is done according to national standards. We are licensed in State of New Jersey. Did you know it is illegal for unlicensed contractor to enter into a contract for over $500.00?
  3. Fully bonded. This guarantees our work performance.
  4. We carry personal liability insurance, and property damage insurance. Contractors not covered by these policies leave you unprotected. Our estimating is extremely competitive with other LICENSED contractors. Illegal or unlicensed parties acting as contractors, who are not complying with the legal requirements are able to give lower estimates.
  5. We use only the most modern state of the art equipment. Our sanders use seamless belts and give you the finest sanding results with minimal surface removal. We use the latest Dust Containment System by BonaKemi.
  6. We use the best stains and finishes available. We offer oil and water base polyurethanes, which are fast drying and non-toxic. We are certified by BonaKemi
  7. We apply three coats of polyurethane on all floors. We do not dilute the polyurethane with thinning agents.
  8. Workers are paid hourly. No piece work. No short cuts. We allow the time to do the job correctly.
  9. Preparation. We take extra steps to cover all cabinets, bookcases, doorways, etc, to protect your valuable property.
  10. We keep to our schedule. We are reliable, and we perform quality workmanship and our main goal is to have satisfied repeat customers.