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Hardwood Floor Installation, Sand & Refinish

Today hardwood floors are more popular than ever, that is why you must be careful when choosing your professional. When going through hardwood floor refinishing process, the sanding process until now has always been a messy procedure. There used to be an enormous amount of airborne dust for the flooring professional as well as the consumer. When working with Flanders Wood Floors & Construction you can expect in your home only top of the line sanding equipment and Dust Containment System. Every project is approximately 99% dust free, providing a safe, clean and healthy process. We take the time to ensure quality at all phases of the floor refinishing process. Here we take floor refinishing to the next level.

After all that work is done, how long does the floor last? To ensure the top-level performance and durability of your floors well after completion of your project our team uses highest quality of stain and finishes.

No matter what your lifestyle, wood floors add value and comfort to any home.
Flanders Wood Floors gives you European craftsmanship at an affordable price”

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Hardwood Floor Installation, Sand & Refinish

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